Golden Globe Predictions


1. Spotlight

2. Carol

3. The Revenant

4. Brooklyn

5. Mad Max: Fury Road

Though I would like for the top two to be switched, it appears that Spotlight is going to be our Argo-esque front-runner all season long, though it’s possible that it’s early front-runner status hurts it. (I know I originally gave it an 8/10 but the more I’ve let the movie settle, the less I like it). 



1. Haynes, Carol

2. Inarritu, The Revenant

3. McCarthy, Spotlight

4. Scott, The Martian

5. Miller, Mad Max

This might be me being a fan-boy here, but I don’t see Inarritu taking it, since he took three Oscars just this past year, and McCarthy is too new to the game, while Haynes seems like more of an unrecognized auteur that they may want to go for, if love for Carol is high and they want to spread the wealth a bit. 



1. The Martian

2. Joy

3. The Big Short

4. Trainwreck

5. The Intern

I feel this is The Martian’s to lose, though some might be put off from voting for it because of the possibility of the perception that it’s “category fraud” . Though with Joy’s very disappointing reviews, it seems there isn’t much of an alternative. 



1. DiCaprio, The Revenant

2. Fassbender, Steve Jobs

3. Depp, Black Mass

4. Redmayne, The Danish Girl

5. Smith, Concussion

This is probably DiCaprio’s to lose, though Fassbender probably isn’t too far behind him. DiCaprio’s overdue narrative will probably push him over the edge to a win. This season, I imagine, will be a clean sweep for him.

1. Ronan, Brooklyn

2. Larson, Room

3. Blanchett, Carol

4. Mara, Carol

5. Rampling, 45 Years

It seems as though this race is going to come down to Ronan vs Larson for the win. Larson seemed to have the early front-runner status but Ronan has been quietly picking up steam with her recent critic award wins.


1. Damon, The Martian

2. Carell, The Big Short

3. Bale, The Big Short

4. DeNiro, The Intern

5. Cooper, Burnt

Unless The Big Short has a massive critical swell of support soon, I don’t see anyone beating Matt Damon in this sparse category.



1. Lawrence, Joy

2. Schumer, Trainwreck

3. Tomlin, Grandma

4. Streep, Ricki and the Flash

5. Smith, Lady in the Van

Though reviews have been harsh, Jennifer Lawrence has been widely praised for her performance in Joy and she’s still one of the biggest stars in the world. Though it’s possible that any of the top three could conceivably win, I think Lawrence will probably win her third Golden Globe, here. 



1. Keaton, Spotlight

2. Stallone, Creed

3. Rylance, Bridge of Spies

4. Ruffalo, Spotlight

5. Hardy, The Revenant

I think Keaton will prevail since there seems to be an overwhelming sense of support for him since there’s a feeling among most people that he was robbed last year for his impeccable performance in Birdman though there is a possibility that Stallone or Rylance could end up taking this. 



1. Winslet, Steve Jobs

2. Leigh, Hateful Eight

3. Fonda, Youth

4. Elizabeth Banks, Love & Mercy

5. Stewart, Clouds of Sils Maria

Since two “category frauds” have been bumped up to the leading category this year (Mara and Vikander), we are left without the two front-runners for the category, so I think Winslet, being the third in line, is going to take the Golden Globe since without those two, there isn’t a clear front-runner for this category. 



1. Spotlight

2. Carol

3. Steve Jobs

4. The Martian

5. The Hateful Eight

I feel like Spotlight is probably going to take this one, though again, it depends upon how well Carol is loved within HFPA, but I feel that Spotlight needs this in order to justify a Best Picture – Drama win, so, as much as I’m rooting for a Carol win, I think that Spotlight takes it. 


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